Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Your Home & Sell


Discover the ancient art of Feng Shui & enhance your homes energy flow to Sell

If you plan to sell your house, or have been trying to sell a house for a while now, here are some easy feng shui tips on how to get the energy moving on that sale.

The layout and flow of any space is key in generating good flow and energy making people who enter your home feel good about your space and potentially investing in & purchasing your home. It is fair to say that people are investing in an emotion on how they feel in your home and not just buying a commodity. 

We chatted with Feng shui expert Dee from Balancing Energies to reveal 4 beneficial tips in creating a healthy and happy space that can have a profound effect on achieving that sale.



The first thing you should do in your space is to make sure the entry of your home is open, free of clutter and fresh. Clear the energy and air with some indoor plants that will flow into the outside entry of your home & make the entrance fresh & inviting. Invest in landscaping that will not only add value to your property but also provide a great first impression with a touch of privacy. 

The most important factor in placing furniture in a bedroom is to face the bed in a commanding position so that the bed in good view of the door. To balance the relationship ensure bedsides and lamps are similar in scale and height suggesting equality. 

Bringing the five elements (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) into your space will lead to a more balanced and flowing "chi". No need to take this quite literally however as glass in a space or a mirror can embody water, a candle or lamp for fire, and ceramics to represent earth. A room with all five elements present will feel comfortable and balanced.

Remember, people don't just buy a commodity they are buying a home - we need to connect to a home emotionally & this is a sure way to ensure that the "feel" of your space will be just right. 


One of the most important things you could do for a space is to de-clutter. As the phrase goes "A clear space leads to a clear mind". One of the simplest ways of ensuring your home has good "chi" or energy flow is to remove the clutter. Clutter drains our energy, both physically by getting in our way, and subconsciously by reminding us of unfinished tasks. To ensure a clean, uncluttered home that has vibrant energy - remember less is more. 



“Dee is highly skilled in the art of Feng Shui and is able to transform a home to present at its absolute best.” – Jodie Curran – Principal at Agent 4573 Real Estate


Feng Shui Expert Dee Pearce is from Balancing Energies and provides Free 15 min Consultations to discuss an alternative approach to selling  your home.