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Maximise your sale price and minimise time on the market, using our talented designers to turn your home into a visually stunning residence potential buyers would love to own. Whether you are selling your home, developing apartments for displays or project homes Blink can give your property a real advantage and make it stand out from its competition.

Our Designers are experts in understanding buyer demographics & tastes & will style your property to appeal to the properties target market. Our Styling is designed to maximise your properties aesthetic appeal to a larger number of potential buyers thus Increasing your properties sale price & decreasing your time on the market. 


- Professional Interior Designers working on each project
- Tailored Service Designed to Maximise your Properties Aesthetic Appeal
- Obligation Free Styling Quotes
- Affordable Packages offering Part Furnished / Styling Options
- Hire of our Quality Designer Furniture & Accessories
- Stunning Original artworks
- Reliable & Professional Installation, Set-up & Removal with our Experienced Designers & Team.


FAQ & INFO oN Property styling


What is the Minimum Hire Period?

4 weeks is the minimum hire period with payment made up-front. We offer 4 or 6 week rates, which is discounted with subsequent weeks offered at a reduced rate.

Did you know the Investment Cost of Styling will be less than your first price reduction

Property Styling is an investment not an expense - with most return on investments (ROI) being minimum $10,000. First impressions count - a property that remains on the market for longer than 6 weeks is intrinsically devalued by the prospective buyer. 

What is the Cost of Property Styling? 

Properties styled have on average a ROI of $50,000 and anywhere up to $200,000. Our Prices will vary depending on your property size and amount of living/outdoor spaces. Below is a general guide and price is subject to viewing your property. Please contact us for a free quote.  

1 Bedroom / 2 Living Spaces / Dining / Entry / Outdoor $3000 - $5000

Do you style properties that are still lived in? 

Generally No. We specialise in styling empty properties using quality designer furniture & homewares that are kept impeccable to maximise your properties aesthetic appeal & thus buyer interest.

Did you know that over 95% of buyers are Online FIRST - before they even visit or call an agent.

Properties that have been professionally property styled stand out from the crowd. This highlights the importance of online marketing photos to ensure that more buyers are interested, at your open homes and at your auctions.

Can I use some of my own furniture? 
We offer Part Styling however for optimal results we highly recommend that your property is completely empty. Our designers are experts in styling your property for sale & have an understanding of the current market, trends and your potential buyers which allows us to expertly select all furniture and styling items for a higher and quicker sale. 

What if I am still living in my property? 

We offer a Pre-Sale Consultation which is ideal for clients still living in the property. The consultation will be up to 1.5 hours where one of our stylists will visit the property for a walk-through consultation. 
Pre-Sale Consult includes:

  • Detailed advice & suggestions on how to get your property ready for sale ie. furniture & accessory placement, soft furnishings, decluttering etc

  • Pre-sale tips & tricks

  • A mood board with suggestions including imagery to explain how to display particular areas of need that we email after the consult.

The cost of the Pre-Sale Consultation is $150 

Did you know that properties styled by the Blink team will cut your time on the market in half?

Our statistics show that on average properties we style sell in 37 days. This can be compared to the Sunshine Coasts average which is currently 85 days (according to REIQ). 


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